Groupies Never Become Famous

A couple of days ago I wrote about an alpaca and his advice for marketers who wanna stand out.

Along the same line of reasoning, here’s a way to gain friends and influence people…

Rockit, my partner and muse, shares a LOT in groups on Flakebook(tm)

Marketers of all levels of experience are in these groups.

And they loooove to ask questions.

About everything.

Lots of times they’re asking questions that they should be able to easily find the answers to themselves.


But they’re too lazy to put forth the effort.

So they ask.

But here’s the thing…

They only want answers from specific people.

Perhaps they believe that this is the only person that can help them.

But I think it’s something else.

You see, groups are like high school or any other place where lots of people go.

They form cliques.

The popular ones are the people that everyone wants to be associated with.

So it is with marketers.

They want to be seen around the “top dogs” and “gurus”.

They want to get their pic taken with them and they like ALL of their posts in a feeble attempt to gain a bit of marketing street cred.

It doesn’t work.

These marketing groupies almost always end up looking like the wannabes that they truly are.

They add nothing to the conversation and wouldn’t think of lowering themselves to respond to “just another marketer”.

And that’s where they lose out.

You see, the person you’re ignoring just may be the next one to hit it big.

You could’ve been friends with them for real instead of showing up once it’s “worth your time”.

Take this to heart…

If you wanna be known, get to know people.

Answer their question if you have the answer. (but don’t fake it)

Talk to the other marketers in your groups.

Ask questions if you’ve exhausted every avenue you can think of for finding the answer on your own.

Better yet, find the answer to one of your questions and share it.

Doing these things will not only make you a better marketer.

You’ll also make lots of friends and your message will spread.

Once you’ve made a new friend, show them how you share your vision here.

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