Do You Suffer From Inability to Merge?


Are you the type that rolls right up to the end of the ramp before you even look at the road?

Do you expect people on the freeway (who have the right of way) to get out of your way so you can enter the stream of traffic?

Do you have trouble understanding what “Yield” means? (it’s that word on the sign at the end of the ramp).

Contrary to popular opinion, “Yield” does not mean slow down.

It means to yield the right of way to traffic on the freeway.

It means that the responsibility for merging with traffic rests squarely on YOUR shoulders.

If you’re on the ramp.

Way too many motards on the road nowadays feel it’s their right to barge right on to the road.

It’s freakin annoying and a pain to deal with.

Not to mention it can cause mishaps on the road.

The whole thing is kinda like your online marketing tools.

Each app thinks it’s way is the only way.

None of them attempt to merge with the others.

Ya gotta jump from one site to another to attempt to piece together your marketing plan.

One site to write on.

Another to make a video on.

Still another to send an email out.

It’s enough to drive ya nuts.


And don’t even bring up passwords.

A different one for each site.

And the rules!

8 characters, 2 symbols, 2 numbers, upper and lower case letters, blah, blah, blah.

I hate passwords most of all, don’t you?

Well I kissed all that pain and aggravation good-bye when I found out I could do everything I wanted to do without all that hassle.

I have one password.

I have one site.

All of my tools (including autoresponder and funnel builder!) in one site.

And if I ever have a challenge concerning anything…

Only 1 (count it, 1) customer service department with excellent service.

So why would anyone put up with the pain and aggravation of multiple sites?

Especially when ya gotta pay for all of them separately?

Aren’t you ready for the easy (marketing) life?

Click here for relief.

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