Tracking Down The Chappy Gremlin

I haven’t found that gremlin yet, but I will.

The Chappy is a 1976 Yamaha Chappy scooter.

As far as antiques go, it’s in pretty good shape.

In fact, 2 years ago it was running when it was parked in the garage.

I probably should have taken a look at it sooner, but life happens.

Since it was running when it was parked, I figured all I’d have to do was bolt in a hot battery, fill it with gas, and fire it up.

That’s not how it went.

I got the new battery and some gas in it, but for some reason, it’s not getting power to all the places that need it.

Since I don’t have a killer set of tools anymore, I improvised.

I took the light bulb out of the turn signal and a piece of wire from an old antenna and made a test light.

Using my crude but effective tool, I found that I had power to the ignition switch, and down into the harness.

That’s where I got stumped.

I’ve got to do a little digging online to come up with more info.

If I didn’t know how to fix stuff like this, I wouldn’t even try.

I’d just take it down to the shop and let an expert handle it for me.

That’s exactly how I run my online marketing business.

Why try to figure it all out on your own if you don’t have to?

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