Tory Burch Black Tote Bag

Off to another thrifting adventure today without really have in mind as theme of interest.

In the back of my head I usually browse what’s new, what’s on sale or what’s up? This time I went to the one at Kietzke Lane as I went to the bank first.

As usual there are many people on the purses section and it is been a habit of mine to stay behind and let people have their time to look for whatever they want to see.

Since I am not compress with time I always take time browsing and at the same time admiring some of the purses. Sometimes I stand in the corner watching people because they reminded me of bees that keep buzzing towardss purses *lol).

When I do my scavenerger hunt I go down to the floor looking for everything that most people will not pick up. Its been a habit of mine when I saw purses on the floor I picked them up and hang them. Sometimes I feel like I work at Savers because of this habit of mine.

This black tote I found on the floor. What make me attracted to it is its shiny leather look. I liked it right away. When I checked the other side I noticed the logo symbol. Although I already had an idea I grabbed the other bag and compared the logo.

Omg! It is Tory Burch also with missing shoulder strap. The price is $29.99 but with 50% off I only paid $15.00.

Once again….I SCORE BIG TIME.