White Mary Jane Flats by Prada

Three days ago after I dropped Rebel to his truck I went straight and thrift since it is early in the morning and I do not feel like working out.

I like to browse through the footwear section. On my way to my shoe size, I right away spotted these white shoes (that what I called it). I do not like the way it looks but when I saw the named I right away picked it up. It said size 6 to 6.5. I tried it but it is a bit bigger. Instead of putting it back I decided to put it in my shopping cart. In my head, I can actually sell this and besides I am not thinking about wearing it.

For $14.00 and in almost new condition…that is a cheap price.

It took me two days before I found out the type of footwear it is. It is actually Mary Jane Flats and the retail price is $300.

When I posted a picture of it on my Facebook…my ex-sister in law stated to look at the authenticity serial number located inside and I found it. The authenticity serial is 2018.

I listed it on my online store for $160.00.

Throwing an intention someone will buy it before the end of this month and it is (3/5/2019) today.