Cream White Tory Burch Satchel

Today is President Day and Savers is 50% off on many of their items. Since I wasn’t able to go yesterday so here I am. What I have in mind is buying work clothes. Parking lot is full so I had to walked further which is not a problem.

I browse through clothing aisles and mostly I bought dresses. I then proceed to the purses section which was swarmed by people mostly women. Instead of inserting myself I decided to stay behind and watched them all until they get tired. When it was my turn to browse I noticed a white satchel bag on the floor which most people ignored. I picked it up and looked at the brand name. I was speechless when I noticed it is “Tory Burch” satchel bag and it is only for $14.00. I do not know whose Tory Burch before until I did my researched. This bag is worth around $500 or more. The strap is missing but that’s no big deal. This bag is well made and genuine leather.

Since it is 50% off due to President Day…I only paid $7.00.