$5.00 for 100 pcs of Vintage Postcards

I went junking today in an antique store looking for vintage postcards and I saw many.
There was a particular booth that I was attracted to so I spent looking for an hour looking for something that will resonate with me.
That particular booth was in the middle of rearranging everything so I told the two ladies I am going into the corner and grab the bin as I would like to look at their postcards.
Most of the vintage postcards that I bought were going for $2 to $4.00 and that’s kind of alarming because I need to watch my budget. Most of the cards were places that I had been throughout our travels and how the places looked like in the 1930’s to 1960’s. So, right there and then I was very interested as these postcards shows me the evolution of places in the United States.
When I was done I asked who owned the booth and they pointed a man who’s been around and lived a very long life.
So, I went to him and asked if there is a room for prices as I am buying a lot. I told him the story of my travels and his vintage cards opened up the missing pieces of history of the newest cards that I bought in our travels.
His face cheered up and he got a smile.
He then said he is going to sell me all of what I have in my stack for $5.00. I was speechless and puzzled because I was not expecting that. He then repeated said…yes you can have it for $5.00.
I started jumping for joy and I hold his hand and thanked him.
I had almost 100 pieces of vintage postcards from one booth for $5.00 was great.
When was I ready to check them out the cashier asked me how did I do it?
I told her “I strongly believed in the power of asking” and because the older guy willing to let it go without attachment to his merchandise made it happened.
This is one of those moments where I feel like I hit a jackpot.