Will You Be Ready Or Wrecked?

Meet Joe.
Joe lost his job of 14 years.
Because government regulations wrecked the profit margin of his company.
They had to downsize or go under.
Joe’s 49 years old.
He’ll be lucky if he can find anyone that will hire him.
The worst part?
He’ll likely have to start at the bottom.
He’ll have a boss that’s half his age with one quarter the experience.
With no management skills, she’ll treat Joe like a “human resource”.
One more person she uses to get the job done.
Not the job the company does to serve its customers.
Her job is to make her boss happy.
She’ll have no problem grinding Joe up to make her way up the ladder.
How do I know?
Because I’ve seen it before.
It happened to me, too.
Here’s the difference.
I had a backup plan.
Nobody’s ever ready for the ax to fall.
I wasn’t.
I took steps in advance to make sure I’d be OK no matter what.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a model employee for years.
Your day could be tomorrow.
Don’t end up like Joe.
Get yourself some security – before it’s too late.