Spy Agent for a Day

On my Online Business of work I put myself into a Secret Agent every day.

This is useful not only when I am blogging. but also when I am digging for more information so that I will have a solid evidence to go on to study a case.

Facebook is one of my study case.  Most Facebook user only know little about the so many features it offer to its users.
Lots of them only know how to post, comment and share posts.

In my case, I trained myself to study and navigate through it.

Every day I fee like a Facebook Special Agent. I maybe in my sweats but in my mind I am more than just that.

I do imagined I am in case of figuring out ways how to do or troubleshoot my questions about (ex. CPM, Clicks to Website, Promoting business and so much more).

The effective way on how to do it is to go to the F&Q (which stand for Frequent Ask Question).

I type keywords about what I want to know, and it will show me choices. I don’t stop there though. I read them all and there is always that one answer that will just belong to me.

One lead to another they say and that is right on the target for me. Digging and researching about my topic always lead me further into my investigation.

When I read what entail to that subject I keep on going Is that a compulsive behavior? I don’t think so.

It is my way of learning ahead of my game in case I will stumble upon a question or questions ahead of my study.

If only most people train themselves to never stop learning because that is part of the game.

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