Driven to the Limit

Memories are made to be remember someday.

A year from now this is gonna show up on my timeline and by then I will have a smile on my face.

Tonight, I sorted a bag of quarters from 1927 to 2016 and then bag them according to their respective years.

The newer quarters are mostly Bicentennial and collectible

I have to bag the sorted coins and insert a small size rolodex card with their respective year.

I proceed with doing my research online and I keep my United States Coins 2017 guide book handy.

This book rock because it help me to price them accordingly.


I then enter the type of quarters, the year they were produced, their selling price and my price on my spreadsheet.

After that, I take pictures of the coins and then list them on Ebay and Bonanza.

Then I share them on social media to get more exposure

I never thought I am having so much fun doing all these.

It must be coming from my adventurous side as I think of what I am doing as a scavenger hunt.

I find it very stimulating and very engaging for a mind like mine.

When I thought a scavenger hunt can only be obtain out there, apparently this can be done jut right here on my desk.

It does drive me to my limit after a few hours but I know when to walk away so that I don’t crash and burn.

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