Will You Be Ready Or Wrecked?

Meet Joe. Joe lost his job of 14 years. Why? Because government regulations wrecked the profit margin of his company. They had to downsize or go under. Joe’s 49 years old. He’ll be lucky if he can find anyone that will hire him. The worst part? He’ll likely have to start at the bottom. He’ll … Read more

Hang Out With Happy People

Happy people do things and act differently toward how they approach their life and their situation. Happy is not Pollyanna-ish. Happy is awareness and joyous by choice even in the face of tragedy and hardship. And you know what? Happy just feel great. It cost nothing but you gain something positive. Smiling, laughing, and honing … Read more

Get It While You Can

Do you want to change your life? Make a lot more money doing something you love? Build your own business instead of someone else’s? You can, and it’s not as hard as you think. Thousands of people just like you are doing it every week. They’re quitting their jobs and joining an elite group that … Read more