I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Don’t you just love it when something just works?

I know I do.

In my offline business, I drive a big truck.

Long haul, cross the country type stuff.

It’s an awesome gig, I have no boss, and and I love it.

Only thing is, I would get hungry all the time.

When I’m driving, I drive. All the time. Just sleep and drive till the trip is done.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t leave a whole lotta time for going to the gym or other physical activity.

I know I can take longer to finish a trip or read just my time to exercise now and then because I’ve done it.

But lately I wanna knock out those trips and get back to The Vault so I can do what I really love.

Which is writing these emails to you and making videos, etc.

All the cool stuff that an online marketer does to make the world a better place 🙂


Anyway, I’d be driving for hours on end and I’d get hungry.

Really hungry.

All the time.

It got to the point that it was driving me nuts and honestly making me angry.

Because I’ve been exercising less, I wasn’t burning off those excess calories and I was tired of being pudgy.

I looked all over and tried bunches of stuff to curb my hunger.

And I finally found it.

This stuff not only kills my hunger, but gives me unbelievable energy.

No more Monster energy drinks for me.

No jitters or crashes, either.

Holy crap, this is starting to sound like a freakin infomercial.

Bottom line is, after using a bunch of other stuff that were supposed to do the same thing, I found something that just works.

I’m in.

I realized this morning that our MMPro, which is the email system I use to talk to you every day, is one of those things that just works.

No hassles, no steep learning curve and no bells and whistles you don’t need to get the job done.

Just like the rest of the tools you’ll have when you decide to go the effective (rather than flashy) route.

So easy and effective, I use it every day LOL 🙂

Wanna make sending emails to your friends a breeze?

Get started here!

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