How To Be Overworked And Underpaid

A friend of mine owns a car shop.

It seems like he has one job, but it’s not quite so.

He’s got a million jobs.

He needs to find out what’s wrong with the car, order parts, replace them, take payment, meet payroll, buy marketing to get new customers, do taxes, etc.

And that doesn’t cover half of it.

The guy’s overworked.


And worse… totally miserable about his life.

I told him many times that he’s the one making it complicated.

All he has to do is to stop being the jack of all trades.

I used to make the mistake.

I tried to do it all myself online.

Build websites, drive traffic, buy hosting, install security scripts, write sales copy, create content… and that’s not even 1/10th of it!

Now I have one system that covers it all for me.

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