Got A Squeaky Snake?

Well if you do have a squeaky snake, you’re in luck.

Because the snake oil salesmen are alive n kickin’ on the ol’ Net.

Know what the worst thing about it is?

One could make a whole lotta money sellin’ lube for snakes. You might think that people are way too smart to fall for some things nowadays.

But it just ain’t so.

Human nature hasn’t changed since Aesop was writing fables.

Which means that the same tired old techniques for pullin the wool over the eyes of the public still work

Squeaky Snake

It sucks because the temptation is there to make use of wily shenanigans instead of relying on solid business concepts.

Stuff like serving your clients.

Improving their lives.

Trading more use value than the cash value you receive for your product or service.

Ignore the temptation to shortcut your business success.

Like Gary Vee says, how you make your money is more important than how much of it you make.

You may believe that you’re immune to such temptation.

Resist that thought.

Because there may be times that test your resolve.

I refuse to believe that less than ethical tactics are required to succeed with an online marketing business.

In fact, I know it’s true because I have found a few that make things happen on the straight up.

Those are the marketers I respect and admire.

I have no time for the other type.

I believe you feel the same way.

If you don’t, that’s no sweat.

If we’re that far out of alignment with each other, you’ll wander off in due time.

There’s no need for that.

I’m confident that you’re putting out a solid message to all your fans.

If you are looking for a “Simple Steps to Create Funnels that Convert”, you’ll find all the tools and training you’ll need here.

Keep on puttin’ out that good message.

Your fans will love you for it.

And you’ll sleep like a baby.

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