Here is another commandments of Sales Success.

Believe in your company, your product and yourself– or you won’t sell.

Believe the customer is better off buying what you sell, and buying it from you.

Know the most important in the world is…It’s You!

Your belief systems determines your fate. Not just in the selling process, but also in your career. You must talk about belief. And yet, there are thousands maybe millions, of salespeople who don’t believe in anything but the money they might earn if they make a sale. As you look to succeed in your career, you have to believe in the company that you represent, and you have to believe that it’s the best company in the marketplace offering or creating what you’re trying to sell.  You have to believe in their ethics.  You have to believe in their ease of doing business.  And you have to believe that the company will deliver what you sell in a manner that will create customer loyalty.


You have to believe that your products and services are not just the best in the marketplace, but that they’re also the best value for the customer.  You have to believe that you can differentiate yourself from your competitor, and that you can prove that your products is what you say it is.

You’ve often heard it said that the first sale made is the salesperson- that the customer must buy  you before they buy your company, your product, or your service. In order for the sale to be made, you must first sell yourself.

That self-belief will be evident in the passion that you create in your presentation as you try to transfer your message, engage the customer, and get them to buy from you.  Your self-belief will be evident in your enthusiasm and in your self-confidence. And that self-belief begins with the mindset I spoke about in commandment one. Your belief is in your head, the same way the sale in your head.

But the glue that binds the first elements of belief (company, product and self) is the belief that the customer is better off having purchased from you.  That the customer’s value, productivity, ease of use, profitability and perceived win are greater with you and your products and services than any competitor could ever hope to offer.

(this article and credit is belong to Jeffrey Gitomer from his book “Sales Bible)



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