Oh, Chute!

We been going to the gym daily but last week I decided not to go on Sunday so that my body can rest.  However, that Sunday my mind was nagging about I should be at the gym.

What I realized after that was… it really doesn’t matter anymore what day it will be.  If my body decided to rest…. that is what I am gonna do.

Lately, I been eyeballing the monkey bar because I am curious about it.   It reminded me of flexibility as well feeling the essence of a child.

So, I grabbed a chair that will help me lifted since I am a short person and the hanging bar is high.  I tried few times and struggled because it was not easy lifting my weight.

I can hang on for a while swinging but that was all  that I can do.

That was a moment of…. I need to get better on it.

Oh Chute

Every day I been practicing but the result is not something I want.  It took lots of muscle strength to be able to move on and that is a challenge  I must conquer.  However, I never get disappointed with the process.

Today, something opened up in a very unexpected way.  I was on the other side of the room I looked up.  There was this  standing bars that caught my attention. I right aways questioned the purpose of it.  A light just turned on in my head.  I can actually use it like a monkey bar with less moment.

So, I grabbed a stool, stood on top of it.   Then  I stopped and looked down.

Oh! Chute… my muscles started shaking followed by… what if I am going to fall which was a sign of doubt and fear.

Rebel showed me another way to straightened my muscle in  more stable ground.  He showed me how to do it and I got that.

However, I explained to him  the machine he was using was very safe because he was sitting.  I told him what I am attempting to do is to be hanging from the air. He said I can do that… but for now… I must straightened my muscle. He was not aware my arms are strong. To avoid conflict…. I tried his way and didn’t lasted very long.

All of a sudden, an idea came to mind.  So, I grabbed the stool again and this time in I positioned my arms in a different angle.

Oh boy! it did worked so nicely but now worried that I might hurt my ankle when I jumped down.

So, I tried to do it few more times and got familiar with the swinging.  From that time… I  started slowly from lifting my leg in a parallel position and swinging back and forth. What a rush! What a feeling and yeah… I love it.

Lesson I learned from swinging at the monkey bar today is that…. I recognized my fear of falling down… but yet I decided to face it because I can’t allow to be stop by something or someone that is going to slow me down on what I want to accomplish.


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