Lean into the Moment

The most luxurious setting will not be satisfying or enjoyable if your mind is in a funk.

In the same way, the most rundown lodgings will be perfectly bearable with the right frame of mind.

We try so hard to rearrange the scenery, but the strategy doesn’t work if the inner disposition rebels.

Even when the external conditions are perfectly arranged, that perfection will not last in a changing universe.

Lean into the Moment

If we can learn the inner work, the inner alchemy, no circumstances change will make the difference.

Even a small dose of mindfulness can make the difference between a good day and a bad day.

This morning, make yourself a promise that no matter how things to today, whether everything goes according to plan or not, you will take a pause every now and then to center yourself and remain in touch with the present moment.

Resolve to do your best wit the tasks at hand, without regarding the result.

Take these first few minutes of the day to lean into the present moment, to feel the thickness of the present.

Notice the texture and life of this time and hold in your heart an unreasonable feeling of joy.

(credit for this blog is belong to David Dillard-Wright, PhD) for writing a book “A Mindful Morning”.

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