Move Beyond “If Only”

Have you ever said to yourself, “If only I have more time”, or “If I only had more money….”, or “If I only lived in a more interesting City….”.

These negative forms of self-talk really amount to justification for failing to live a fully engaged life, for failing to work with the materials at hand.

We can all live a vibrant, awake, fulfilled lives if only we took down into the deepest reserves of our souls and bring into the light the treasures are stored within.

Move Beyond If Only

There is nothing sentimental or sweet about this task: It takes great fortitude and courage to live with creativity and integrity.

Take a few minutes to examine your of “If” only statement.

Try to ferret out the half truth that you will tell yourself to keep from having to fully deal with life.

Imagine what would it be like to stop saying “If Only” and take some small action today.

Meditation and action are two sides of the same coin.

Action implements what you have heard in the silence.

Meditation eliminates busywork and useless action as the focus sharpens.

(credit is belong to David Dillard-Wright, PhD) from his book “A Mindful Morning”.

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