Expand Your Vision

The task of mindfulness practice is the expansion of vision, making our connection with the world whole and complete.

We aim to live in the more expansive Self rather than in a limited Self, realizing our connection to all things, animate and inanimate, creating a bond of kinship with the universe.

We must escape from the fatalism that says, “I have seen all there is to be seen,” and move rather into a stance of humility, which says, “I have as yet to scratched the surface of what is to be seen,”.



Today, as your encounter the first rays of morning light, picture yourself moving into infinite possibility.

Know your mind and senses are limited, and that you must, therefore, use them to your full potential.

As you sit in meditation, or go quietly about your day, picture your six senses growing more sensitive and expansive.

Make it your job to notice the smallest details.

Never let the smallest scrap of beauty, like a weed growing out of a sidewalk, go unnoticed.

(written article credit is given to David Dillard-Wright, Phd) from his book “A Mindful Morning”.




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