Encourage Yourself to See the Divine Mother

Images of the divine matter, for they shape whether we view the world as a nourishing, welcoming place or a competitive, harsh reality.

Envisioning God as mother opens our minds to the possibility of an all-encompassing, caring presence, which in turn, opens our minds and hearts to the possibility of caring for human and nonhuman others.

A self-fulfilling prophecy happens when we view God as either a nurturing mother or a harsh taskmaster.

As we see God. so we see the world, so we see ourselves.

See God

Spend a few minutes at the opening of the day quietly meditating on the idea of God as mother.

Experience her presence in the curl of leaves on a tree, in the sound of falling rain, in the rising and falling of breath.

Remember that she has her guises, her play.

She reveals herself when she chooses, not according to our timetables.

Keep in mind throughout this day that she may reveal herself expectedly, turning some chance encounter into a brush with divinity.

(Credit of this blog belong to David Dillard-Wright, PhD) from his book of A MINDFUL MORNING

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