Join the Bandwagon of Misery

I have been deleting names of people on my friend’s list and I am also being deleted by someone and to me, that is the truth. It is all good to me.

One thing that will guarantee me deleting you is if you assume that people are mean and they are there to hurt you because of your assumption that their comment to your post is negative and you don’t want that.

What you fail to see is that you provoke a post that you think is positive and you don’t want anyone to respond to it if they going to say negative.

Maybe that person’s response is negative or maybe it is not.

But because you are not aligned with a certain response so right away you jumped into conclusion that it is a negative response.

Perhaps it is their level of understanding or you are assuming(which is assuming is such a bad practice) to begin with.

So, instead of asking if they can explain their response, there you are butthurt. I mean what happened to ask questions to clear the air to avoid conflict and your confusion.

There are people out there who post their misery and drama which I easily recognize. What they are looking for why they choose that particular post…my take is simply… they are looking for sympathy and they want people on their side.

But to me self-pity, feel sorry, and poor me effect” is a sign of weakness. They rely on people to tell them it is going to be okay or if you need help there are there for you.

People love to jump on the bandwagon of other people’s drama.

The truth is most people are a prisoner of their own emotion.

Then comes along a person who sees and feels what you are and because she cares she decided to give you an advice.

You’re response was….let me delete your response because I think of it as negative.

What I think though maybe you get caught in your lie or maybe she spoke your truth and you can’t handle it.

For whatever it is…you showed her big piece of your personality that’s flaky.

Therefore… she deleted you because that other person realized you are full of shit.

Whatever is your reason of why you delete people’s response tells me you are all about you.

When people post something on their timeline it is up for grab and all sort of interpretation. You put yourself in a position of uncertainty and really if you can’t handle the heat…stop producing a fire that will light up your ass.

So… do yourself a favor and grow up.