Equal Vision

Much of our suffering in life arises from conditioning built into our personalities by societal expectations.

If we look down on someone of lower standing, we may have lost a person who might have been a good friend or supporter.

if we look down on animals and the natural world, we lose a great source of inspiration and delight.

Or, on the contrary, if we have an overly low opinion of ourselves, we will be driven into despair and inaction.

Equal Vision

We must try to unlearn some of the bad lessons of the past in order to achieve a vision of equanimity, in which all being deserve respect.

At the beginning of this day, resolve to say Namaste (the God in me honors the God in you), to each person, animal, and thing you encounter.

You do not have to say this out loud-just say this in your mind’s eye.

You may feel a little silly at first saying “Namaste” to a teacup, but go ahead and try it anyway.

Feel a greater sense of affection and warmth rise within your chest.

Notice a certain gentleness suffusing your actions.

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