“Cut The Crap, Joe!”

​​​​​​“You know what your problem is? You won’t get your dead ass off the couch and do anything about it.”

Joe, A friend of mine, was ranting about his job to me… again.

This time I’d finally had enough.

“What am I supposed to do? It’s not like I’m the one making the rules,” he replied.

I went on… “See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You go on and on about how your life sucks, yet you won’t do anything about it.

I ride with you every day. You hear me talk about this thing I’ve found and how great I’m doing.”

Then Joe says “You just don’t get it.”

Yep… I don’t.

I don’t get the people who get a high from complaining about their boss to their friends and then go to work the next morning fake-smiling.

That’s just not me.

I had a job, I hated it and I did something about it.

How about you?

Hate your job?

Do something about it!

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