Online Marketing, Compounding and the Thug

I was talking to the Thug today.

The Internet Thug (Thug for short) is Rockit’s daughter.

I told her I would like to talk to her for 15 minutes.

You see, the Thug is 17 years old, and I have to approach her in a specific way to have the best chance of being heard.

If all goes well, she may even listen and take action based on what I say.


It’s like that movie Inception.

I must gently introduce a concept to Thug and then allow her to come to the realization that it was her idea.

That’s pretty much the only way I’d ever get through to her.

Today I was teaching her about the power of compounding, because I want her to start planning a bit for the future.

You know that idea of how a penny compounds over a month?

You take a penny and double it every day and see what you come up with.

Only I had her right down the numbers from 17 to 47, and I used those numbers to illustrate her age.

I explained that the longer she waits to take action, the more time she doesn’t have the power of compounding working for her.

She seemed to get the idea.

As is usual, I also learned a thing or two while I was teaching Thug.

You see, teaching a teenager is a lot like marketing online.

The inception, the explanation and the connection all work the same.

And if you can teach a teenager anything, you can certainly successfully market your business online.

The only difference is the methods you’ll use to get your point across.

Put the power of compounding to work for your online marketing business today.

Get started now!

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