A Fake or Real Fendi?

A week ago I decided to go thrifting after a couple of hours at the gym. 

At first, I can’t decide if I should drive further or just check out Savers nearby.  Looking at the time it was noon and mostly it will be traffic so I made a quick decision to go the Savers nearby.

As usual, I checked the handbags section. I have tons of bags so I really don’t have the plan to buy one.  However, I am always looking for an expensive brand. 

​​​​​​​The first thing that came in sight is a black tote bag.  I saw the emblem logo but I have no clue as far as the brand.  When I looked inside I saw the word FENDI.  I was skeptical because I do not know how to spot a genuine or fake one.

My intuition said to go ahead and buy it even if it will come out fake.  

My thinking is… if it real I hit a very expensive bag and if it is fake…for the price of $6.99 minus 20% it will not be a bad idea to keep it.

When I got home I finally did a researched and I found out it is a genuine Fendi bag.

It has holographic stickers and the serial number.

I waited a few days and I listed it on my online stores such as eBay, Bonanza, and Poshmark

My asking price is $230 and that is not a bad price either considering the brand.

Many people shared my listing but no one wanted to buy it.

Two days after I listed it…someone from Poshmark offered a price of $170.

I did not hesitate to accept the offer considering I made a huge profit for the price that I paid for.

I am grateful for being able to replace what I spent when I went shopping a day ago.