Vintage Valentino Bag

Dave said I can create enemies when it comes to thrifting.
I know for fact that is so true because the rarest and expensive stuff that I’ll find.
While most women will browse purses section my thing is kneeling down without any rush and I usually give way for others to go ahead of me when it comes to browsing purses.
The reason why is due to patience and knowing there’s always something good waiting for me.
And this understanding rewarded me yesterday when I found a Vintage Valentino leather shoulder bag.
The V logo is can be seen next to the opening.
Inside there’s that signature logo once more and the lining everywhere covered with V initial.
Whenever I find something expensive I usually just keep quiet like nothing happens so I don’t distract others.
I know someone that goes thrifting as well looking for designer bags and whenever she sees me she will tell me what she found.
There are times she asked me if I found some expensive stuff and of course I said YES but I don’t go in details what I found.
I have no desire to brag about it and I like it that way.
When I post something like this my intention is not to brag but rather sharing a story of the fun of thrifting.