Semi Precious Stone Rings

I enjoy wearing jewelry but I prefer the fashionable type instead of really expensive one.

It is not about the price why I am not into real expensive jewelry.

What I learned long time ago was with real and expensive jewelry I don’t have many choices.

They look the same to me.

While the fashionable one has a variety of colors and style.

When it comes to finding baubles I have my own way of finding the one that resonates with me.

Today’s thrifting my focus is more of semi-precious stones in a necklace but it turned out to be ring type of a day.

I looked at the shelves and found some that are beautiful and their theme are semi-precious stones.

Three of the rings were made of sterling silver with a different type of stones and they fit me.

One has a malachite stone, one is tiger eye, then there’s crystal, tourmaline and other stones I can’t name.

For the price of $20.00 for all knowing that semi-precious stones jewelry itself is expensive this is been a hit.

And this is the end of my story.