Getting Your Work Done

Do you feel overload with work that you feel like drowning in the ocean of paperwork?

Do you know where to start?

It is crucial to work and if you don’t plan your time these feelings can slowdown anyone. For sure it will cause anyone in a screaming and stressful situation.

This is the main reason it will makes you unproductive.

Majority of people know how it feels like because I experienced it myself.

Then, one day Rebel asked me if I been scheduling my work so I can free up my time. He know I have stressful time as  so much things to do but not enough time.

My first reaction rebel against these efforts because I can think for myself.  My time is already wear down so why would I spend more time of writing lists. Then planning and executing changes to my work habits and then tracking my progress?

I liked his suggestion a lot.

Butt to make it happen I had some explaining to do as my brain which is not cooperating with the idea.

So, I went through pulling and tagging about, “I must do it” and “No I don’t”.

Then, I found a book about prioritizing and I identified what I must need to do to first.

After that, I list my goals and track my time.

I grabbed me a notebook and I write down all my activities even the lamest I can think of.

I break it down to three types and here they are;.

Core Responsibilities- which is my day to day tasks that make up my bottom line job. This is a daily things to do.

Second is about personal growth which are activities and projects that I enjoy. These are meaningful and valuable and not crucial.

Crises- there are things I need to do that interrupts and urgent that can arise one in a while.

After I wrote it down, I got a better view of my situation.

What I thought I have so much things to do they are now belong to the right categories.

It did help me a lot and it became a reality over the weekend. I scheduled may posts and blogs for many days on Sunday. I free up my Monday and I am able to do so much from running errands, adventures and spend a couple of hours at the gym.

When I got home last night I did not had a chance to do more because it was almost midnight.

I am on a chill mode though because I am learning how to prioritized my work.

I am now becoming more efficient and I can take control of my time.

The more I apply what I am learning it will be very beneficial towards our Online business.

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