Ideas for Blogging

I just finished watching “Blogging For Maximum Impact” video on my back office and I find it interesting because there are so many suggestions given to start a blog. But the main question remained… What are you going to write?

There is this thing called writer’s block and if you are one of those people that is attempting to write a blog. Sometime all you have to do is pick a topic that you are passionate about and start writing.

Among the suggestion that caught my attention on what to write is all about “Repurposing Content”.

Repurposing content sounds like “Recycling” to me so what I did on one of my oldest blog was I recycled it and did some spinning to make the content fresh and I added new words to add more life into it.

Creating and writing content is the basic foundation of any online business especially if you love to write a blog.

Quality content must be produced in order to attract website traffic and visitors that turn into customers if the purpose of your blog is to attract customers.

Writing constant fresh content is not always easy and there are times when my brain runs out of ideas.

When I find myself into that situation and I know I need to produce more blogs, “Repurposing Content will come handy.

As the writer of my own blog I have full control of the keywords, words, and phrases which gives me full control over the output of the content to be repurposed.

Here is one thing I learned about what topic should I blog.

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