Push Past Limits

When we feel uninspired in life, as though nothing is going right, it is often because we are holding something back.

We all have the tendency to hedge our bets, to not put forth a full effort.

Even when we do exert ourselves in some area of life, we tend to set limits ahead of time.

Push Past Limits

The underlying belief is that the universe is not a trustworthy place, and we cannot afford to give our best.

But amazing things only begin to happen when we give beyond reason and push past our own limits without regards for results.

Think of the time when you put forth a good effort and fell flat on your face.

Did this cause you to go into a defensive crouch in some area of your life.

What would it take to get you to go out there and try again?

This morning , as the new day dawns, give yourself permission to make a fresh start.

Choose an area where your progress has been stymied and put forth an unreasonable amount of energy in tackling the problem.

(credit belong to David Dillard-Wright, Phd) for writing an inspirational book “A Mindful Morning”.

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