Are You Going Broke this Christmas?

I am currently vacuuming my floor when suddenly I thought about Christmas and what does it mean to most people.

Why they said Christmas is all about “Giving” especially gifts to people yet I find lots of people go broke on Christmas day.

I was at Walmart earlier and saw some people that were happier while shopping then their faces changed its facial expression when they found out their total.

The other day I was as Target and waiting for my turn to pay my merchandise.

These couple where happy when the cashier were scanning their merchandise as most of their stuff were gifts for other people or maybe for their children.

When the cashier said $247.00 they looked at each other.

The lady started to get nervous and she dig into her wallet for a credit card to use.

The cashier said “You’re credit card was declined” so she pulled more cards but all her plastic cards were declined.

She asked the dude with her if he has cards or cash and he said No.

All of a sudden they started taking merchandise out of their grocery and giving it back to the cashier.

It is such a bummer because most of their items were given back for not having tons of money.

One thing I don’t understand is that “Why did they assumed they have funds on their accounts” without checking their credit card balances was.

Watching what was happening I was speechless and started to fonder what is truly the meaning of Christmas or gift giving?

In my mind…if you or someone else is not in the position to give to others this Holiday or any kind of occasion then don’t.

There is no sense of giving someone a gift if you are financially struggling.  If every penny that you have should be going to your table so that you can eat or pay your bills.

And why most people only give gifts on special events.

Why not practice the art of giving every day when you can.

So, are you generously giving gifts or you are broke but you gotta have to give gifts because it is Christmas.