The Power of Love Among People

We have seen that everything in our day can be used for self- love and self-enrichment.

To discover the true way to healthy human relations can lead to the state called LOVE.

I know lots of people and I asked what their definition of love and I received many answers.

Obviously, love is not something that the conditioned human mind can discover through personal viewpoints.

In my opinion, human reasoning can have opinions and attitudes about love, however, a spiritually attuned mind know better.

Neediness, being sentimental and craving physical attraction are what most people think what love is all about. These types of of human attributes are strained and will break apart by any moment.

Genuine love does not start with an emotion.

It begins with a state of consciousness, of clear awareness, of a deep understanding of the self  and the other person.

When awareness is present the emotion will rise which make it legitimate.

Tenderness and affection are among them.

Deep love cannot be based on desire or craving.

True love is a state of psychic understanding.

Lastly… the greatest love you and I could ever offer to another is to so transform our inner life that others are attracted to your genuine example of goodness.