Yo Yogi Dolls

I had no interest selling toys but an accidental clicked of my mouse took me to a website for vintage and collectible toys.
So, I did my researched and found out there were so much toys out there that are expensive so I started looking.
First stop was Savers and I found tons of Happy Meals collectible toys.
I have to say they are not all worth a big price but those that worth tons of money are worth chasing for.
I spend $60 worth of Happy Meal toys that still in a package and I need to spend time researching how much they worth.
Anyway this Yo Yogi dolls worth $100 a piece according to Ebay and if you know what you look for.
I bought this set for $8.00 and I just listed them for $350.00
For a collector the price ia not really a problem and I hope I will sell mine soon.