Simple Make Business Easier


Nobody needs ’em.

Ever hear someone say “Don’t over complicate things”?

I think it’s hilarious.

I suppose they don’t realize that overcomplicate isn’t even a word.

It is, in fact, a complication of the word complicate.


Anyway, when it comes to business, simple is best.

This holds true for your funnels.

It seems like a couple of years ago nobody had ever heard of a funnel.

Now it’s the latest, greatest thing to hit online sales.

Up sprang a bunch of funnel-building systems designed to make it easy for anyone to build a funnel.

But do you really need all the bling to set up an effective online sales process?

I think not.

When it comes right down to it, all you really need are these 3 things:

The squeeze page.

The sales page.

Email follow up.

That’s it.

Doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

If you make it to difficult to navigate.

Here is something easier.