Roll of Coins

It’s been five days since I started got curious with all the old coins that Rebel’s dad gave to us when we visited him in Indiana more than a week ago.

Apparently, he’s been collecting coins since my partner was young.

My curiosity got a hold of me that is why I decided to checked them out.

At first, I don’t know what to do with a box of coins.

Then, I got the idea of how it work and from there I found myself researching more and more about their original values.

I spend a day putting a binder together of coins and I been using them now and listed them on Ebay.

Crazy enough, I sold a 1888 Morgan silver dollar for $40.00. The face value of this coin is $28.00 and selling it for what I asked for is just awesome.

Then a 1957 Franklin Half Dollar for $10.00 (face value is $7.43). What a sweet deal.


Before I get sidetrack one thing I learned what to do with the coins that I don’t find it valuable?

Well, I started to take them to the bank and buy more roll of coins like these one.

I realized instead of keeping all the coins that is not worthy why not take it to the coin machine and exchange it for a paper money.

Then I took myself to the bank and exchange my paper money for roll of coins.

It might sound crazy but I love opening every rolls because it feels like a treasure hunt.

Among these coins I always find something older in years and I separate them.

I then research their worth and list them for sale.

And even if no one will buy it, all the coins that I already listed are spendable.

So, there is no losing the game here.

I think of it as a fun and enjoyable business hobby.

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