She Is the Bomb of Talkathon

Have you seen someone that just loud at the gym and irritate the hell of you.

To the point of  PLEASE STOP TALKING screaming in you head?

If you do, this is my blog for today.

So, there is this older lady that I had seen before and I gotta give it to her for coming into the gym and sweat.

The first time I saw her she was kicking the punch bag in wrong angle because she didn’t realized she can hurt herself.

The only people that I had seen kicking it the way she was doing it were professional athletes like those MMPro people.

Then she moved on with punching it with her arms but once again a wrong angles as the chances of hurting her risk was high.

However, I did not said anything because it is none of my business to begin with.

Three weeks or so ago she finally decided to hire one of the gym instructor which is really a good effort on her end.

This is where she caught my attention big time and here she goes.

Instead of her instructor instruct her, it was the other way around.

As they progress things were getting interesting from killing her time talking and sharing her life stories instead of working out.

She talked about her work, her family and almost to the point of letting everyone know SHE WAS SKINNY before.

That interaction goes on for an hour or more and ain’t no fun listening to it in my opinion.

Omg! that is not necessary to broadcast that.

For me personally, I love to take my time in silent every time I am working out.

But, to some people they think of a gym as a place of gathering and sharing stories.

What time of people are you when you are at the gym?


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