Get Good at Marketing Online

I like to email a lot.

Not because I wanna send you a bunch of crap that hassles you about buying something.

It’s mostly for me.

I advise everyone to write every single day.

I do it for the same reason I think everyone else should.

Because it’s practice.

The only way anyone got good at anything is by spending time practicing.

Take working out for example.

It’s not necessarily a skill, though you do get better at it the more you do it.

You get stronger and healthier.

A little bit better every time you go to the gym.

Nobody works out for a few weeks and then quits, thinking they’re good for the rest of their life.

At least nobody that thinks about if for 2 seconds.

No, they keep going because they know it’s good for them.

And they’ll get healthier and stronger if they keep doing it.

The same thing goes for writing emails.

Or blog posts, or video scripts, or anything else you create for your peeps.

At first you’ll probably be a little less than stellar.

But as time goes by, and you keep doing it, you’ll get better and better.

I don’t know why most people (including me) think they can just get right in there and be awesome on the first try.

It’s a very common problem.

One you must get over if you ever intend to be good at marketing online.

Or anything else for that matter.

A great place to start is with this book.

You can get it for the cost of shipping.

At least that was the offer the last time I checked.

It’s one of the best online marketing books I’ve ever read.

That’s why I recommend it to everyone.

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It’s a good idea to pick it up now while the offer’s still good.

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