Penguin Poser

Have you seen someone that goes to the gym occasionally and without warming up they started lifting and adding more weight to their bar and only lift it twice and running out of breath?

Or the type that all look like ready for anything with their headband, knee and arm gears, headphone strapped to their arm but spend an hour just doing some stretching.

That is my blog for today as I am going to tell you a story of a particular dude who I nickname him PENGUIN POSER.

There is this dude that I only see once a week (unless he comes in in a different time).  The first noticeable thing I always noticed was his attire.  He seems to like the tight short (which I don’t see being attracted for a dude).

He spend his time getting ready of lifting his arm across the monkey bar but I never saw him lifting his weight.

Then he move on climbing with his feet into the wall stretching. That is an interesting concept to me.

This poser enjoy looking at himself in front of the mirror flexing but when a person like that who I never see lifted any heavy machine the muscle is invisible.

However, what I see on a person is not really matter because we see ourselves different from what other sees in us.

I feel like he is better as a dance instructor instead of a muscular dude.   He love to hang out the dumb bells area but I never saw him picking up any of it.  He then stretched his arms once more, flexing his arm and he twisted it back and forth.

In my mind I wonder what goes through his mind why he does that very often in a period of an hour.

But then again… I am only observing the many different type of posers that goes to the gym.

Which just added curiosity the many type and people’s intention why they go to the gym.



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