Adventure is WorthWhile

Two and a half years ago I never thought we will ventured into traveling by driving a big rig and going places all over United States.

I quit my job Thanksgiving of 2014 to focus on our business full time and my first introduction to the road was Christmas of 2015 when Rebel asked me if I want to go with his to California.

I was excited because this is new to me. So I packed some night clothes and wore comfy clothes and he picked me up from Super Burrito.

To make my moment more memorable I took a picture of myself on the way out from our bunker.

Excited and mesmerized came upon me as we started rolling down the road.

Highways, cars, trees, bridges and winter sceneries just amazing.

From that day forward….I was hooked and our “The Adventures of Rockit n Rebel” started.

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