So the Thug comes back to The Vault today with a story to tell.
Seems she was hauled into her supervisor’s office for not “meeting expected standards.”
Specifically, she didn’t obtain the required percentage of email addresses from customers as they completed the purchase of their items.
Now I’m not sure about this, but it may be that the store in question means to use the email addresses of the customers in order to market to them.
If that’s the case, doesn’t it seem as if it would be illegal under CAN-SPAM laws?
Take a look at it this way…
The customer really didn’t “opt-in” to the list.
They’re not requesting any information from the store.
(most stores request if you’d like the receipt emailed to you)
But if the customer isn’t knowingly “opting in” to the marketing email list of the store, it seems to me that said customer is being added to a marketing list without their knowledge or consent.
But wait!
There’s more…
The Thug was written up because customer emails were not obtained.
Could the store be using their cashiers as patsies if or when the Man shows up and accuses the store of spamming?
Couldn’t the store say that the cashier didn’t explain to the customer that they would be added to an email marketing list?
I suppose that wouldn’t work anyway because the store would almost certainly be held liable for the actions of its employees.
It remains to be seen how all this pans out.
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