Why I Failed in Network Marketing

In traditional network marketing your success often comes down to one thing. Your confidence. Confidence is the #1 trait of great leaders. And from what I learned in my early network marketing days, nobody wants to join a self-conscious newbie. No wonder I failed. How could I develop leadership skills if I hadn’t had any … Read more

Here’s Your Key To Voluntary Unemployment

Sometimes people ask me where I get so many great ideas.  I don’t have a secret source or anything like that.  I see how things relate to business and marketing around me every day.  But when it comes down to learning about online business, there’s one guy I trust for solid advice.  I read his … Read more

Will You Be Ready Or Wrecked?

Meet Joe. Joe lost his job of 14 years. Why? Because government regulations wrecked the profit margin of his company. They had to downsize or go under. Joe’s 49 years old. He’ll be lucky if he can find anyone that will hire him. The worst part? He’ll likely have to start at the bottom. He’ll … Read more