Trump Revisited

I wrote an email a while back in which I gave a piece of advice from (now president) Donald Trump.

Here’s what I said…

I read The Art Of The Deal a good while back.  I remember distinctly one thing from that book.

Trump said if he was looking at a deal and figuring out what to do he would ask himself “What’s the worst thing that could

He said if he could handle the worst case scenario, he’d go ahead.

To which a concerned subscriber replied…

Sorry if you think Trump is a great role model and are going to send his corrupt message to me in emails I am no longer interested in getting information from you.

I can’t trust you if you think Trump’s “3 x bankrupt, draft-dodging, tax-avoiding, refusal to pay contractors & employees, blocking access to services to people based on their skin colour, hate-based campaign strategy, dumping on poor people, stealing from pensioners, colluding with hostile foreign powers and lying every time you open your mouth” vision of the world is how we should treat each other and be a “success”.

I don’t know what you think of President Trump, and I really don’t care.

The point of all this is simply to show you that no matter what you say, somebody will get all bent out of shape about it.

Who cares?

Some people will love ya, some will hate ya.

That’s just the way it goes.

But don’t let it stop you.

Keep on putting your message out to the world and living your life your way.

Go for it.

And keep on going for it til you get what you’re after.

You can do it.

Get started here.