The Sale is in your Head

THINK.  The sale is in your head.

The mindset by which you approach the sale will determine its outcome more than any other element of the selling process. Frame of mind and mindset.

Friendly, smiley, enthusiastic, positive, confident, self-assured, likeable, and prepared beyond nervous.  It’s in your head, it’s in your wallet.

Ever walk into a sales call thinking to yourself, “This is not a great appointment. The sale is probably not going to happen. And even though I’m kind of wasting my time-what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.” Sure you have. Every salesperson has had that happen 100 times.

Sale in your head

You’ve also had the opposite happen.  Walking in, thinking to yourself, “This is a great prospect. They need my stuff,  love my stuff, and they love me.  The sale is in the bag.

Whichever way you walked into the call, YOU set the tone for the probably outcome. You also set the TONE for your attitude, your enthusiasm, and putting your belief system into motion.

The reality is: no salesperson on the planet makes every sale. But that doesn’t mean that you should ever, ever walk into a sale with anything less than a feeling of certainty that you will make the sale because the customer needs you, and that you are the best.  Not the lowest price, but the best value.

Everybody has a different way of creating his or her mindset prior to a sale. Mine has always been getting thoroughly ready, which includes thinking of ways to immediately engage the customer, and listening to rock ‘n’ roll music until I enter at the office.

Do you wanna know what’s inside my head right now?

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(this article is belong to Jeffrey Gitomer’s from his book Sales Bible).

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