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Having trouble focusing in on your vision?

This will help…

Once again I turn my eyes towards Flakebook(tm) where I attempt to guide the seekers of knowledge towards enlightenment…

Here’s a post requesting knowledge:

What is your vision or purpose for what you’re doing now?
I’m trying to tighten up our brand a bit and this is something I always get stuck on.
I’m trying to dig real deep here… so I’d love to see what yours is so I can get some inspiration.


And here’s my experienced reply:


How do you “tighten up your brand?”

Your brand is a result of who you are and what you believe in.
It’s a set of core principles and values that you live by and this colors everything you do.

You don’t have to tell people what your brand is.
It’s obvious to everyone that looks at what you say and do.
If you have to say it, you ain’t it.

Your vision or purpose is a direct and natural result of your brand (who you are)
It’s not something that you can get inspiration for from an outside source.

Your vision or purpose springs up from within based on your core values and principles.

Your brand is not your business or what you sell.
It’s not your vision or purpose.
It’s the result of your core values.

Your core values create your brand (who you are)
Your business is the method by which you intend to achieve your vision or purpose by promoting your brand.

That’s one reason it’s critical to be aligned with what you’re promoting.
Your product or service must be in alignment with your brand and your vision to create results you’ll be happy with long term.

That’s a result of integrity.

Discovering your vision is something that will come with a look inside yourself.

Delivering your message to the world starts here...

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