A Lesson from a Wise Alpaca

I see lots of stuff in my travels.

Many times I witness animals acting in some crazy ways.

Usually I can spot similarities between what’s going on in a field and marketing online.

The other day I saw a flock of sheep out in a field.

Then I noticed a larger, darker colored animal in the middle of them.

The sheep were spread out all over the place, and this guy stood out among them.

He was much taller, had a long neck and had hair instead of wool.

It took me a minute to recognize that it was an Alpaca.


If you’ve never seen one, they look a bit like a llama or a camel with no hump.

So I started thinking about all the times I’ve heard wannabe gurus talk about how to stand out in the crowd.

After all, there are lots of marketers out there.

It can be difficult to really set yourself apart.

Or is it?

That alpaca I saw wasn’t doing anything interesting.

In fact, he was preparing to lie down and chew on some grass.

All he was doing was standing out in that field being an alpaca.

And that’s what made him stand out.

He didn’t have to try to be different.

He was different.

Just hanging out in the crowd being himself.

Learn the lesson taught without words by a wise alpaca.

You will stand out in the crowd just by being yourself.

But ya gotta “Share” your message far and wide.

Use this to spread the word.

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