When do I know?

From time to time we have a moment of wanting to find out ” How do we know when to make a change”.

Mine came late 2013 one early morning.

I woke up puzzled what’s going on with me?

I remembered sitting down on the couch and quietly whispered and I said to myself “I don’t understand”.

I looked at the four corner of the wall just staring..

I was surprised and I said, Why I am here,I don’t want this anymore and I am bigger than these four walls.

I was tired of being taken advantage of from other people, tired of drama that was in my life and I need to do something to improved my life.

I remembered not being myself that day.

When do I know

A few days after that, I started noticing changes personally.

Everything that doesn’t resonates with me started fading away.

A work through it not sure where it is taking me.

One thing for sure though, I was aware it will get better.

When I let go of any old attachment that hold back my growth a was able to breath.

I was no longer a prisoner of my hurtful emotion.

I no longer drawn to the aggravation that people gave me.

That was the moment I realized it’s time to make a change.

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