Reboot Your Mind

At the end of the class, the teacher wipes the board clean so that it is prepared for the next lesson.

The short-order cook uses spare moments to clear the workstation so that future orders will go smoothly.

After installing new software, the office worker reboots the machine so that the changes take effect.

In the same way, the mind function best when it has been given a chance to start over again.

Reboot your mind

The meditator seeks to return the mind to a clear state so that it will be ready for the day’s activities.

As you meditate this morning, see the thoughts arising like water coming out of the fountain.

In order to reset your mind, do not inquire into the thoughts.

Pay more attention to the empty spaces between the thoughts.

Try to lengthen those empty spaces, those silences.

Strive to get to the point where there is more quiet than noise.

Dwell there for as long as you can.

(credit is belong to David Dillard-Wright, Phd) from his kickass book “A Mindful Morning”.

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