Break Out of Your Routine

The paradox of living as human being is what we crave stability and comfort and yet strive to grow and change.

When the stability impulses overpowers the growth impulse, we experience spiritual and creative starvation.

Mental and emotional dullness become the order of the day.

We need not to be successful in our endeavors (in any measurable sense) in order to escape dullness, but we need to try to engage with life and make a difference.


We have to move outside of routine and push the boundaries of our past experience.

Much of our dissatisfaction with life arises from ingrained habit.

As your mindfulness assignments this morning, try something outside of your ordinary routine.

Go on a new route for your morning walk, get coffee at a different shop, or wear a funky outfit.

Savor the experience and note every detail.

See if you can expand this new and different experience into other areas of your life.

(credit is belong to David Dillard-Wright, PhD) from his book A MINDFUL MORNING

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