Guess Shania Tote Bag With Matching Purse

There I was talking with some employee at Savers about the weather outside which I find it interesting because they like talking about the Nevadan’s weather.

After that, I headed to the knickknacks aisle as I love taking pictures of figurines.

Then I went back to the purses section looking for the belt.

I found a thin blue leather belt.

As I let my hand touched all the bags something caught one of my fingers.

My finger stuck on a string so I stopped.

When I looked down it was wrapped to a white string outside a bag.

Right away I was a curiosity because it has a different style and it is heavy.

Strange I said to myself.

When I picked it up the word G come to sight.

For $15.00 with all the bling and artistic way of sewing, I know this is worth more than $50.00.

While I was standing waiting for my turn to pay, a  lady behind me noticed the similarity between the wallet that she found and my purse.

She goes, I believed this one belongs to the purse that you are about to buy.

And she was right.

I asked her why she didn’t buy the bag and her reply was she is not really looking for a bag.

She just happened to see the purse and she likes it better if I buy the wallet as well since they belong together.

I thanked her with a smile.

As usual when I got home…I started googling the purse and wallet.

It is actually Shania Guess tote bag and the retail price is $200.

What a good piece of bag that I found today.