Keep on Keeping On

Growing up poor and malnourished was such a real knuckle dagger deal for me as I experienced it first hand.

From not having lots of food to starvation to limited access to good water.

With limited supply of water rainy season was a treat.

Waking up early was necessary as I walked two miles or more just to get to school.

Childhood life I never recalled because life for me was all about responsibility and chores.

When people talked about their wonderful childhood experience, I listened with glee but I had nothing to share.

After High School that changed because we moved here in America.

Plenty of foods, flushable toilet and better housing with air condition and heater in tow.

One thing I never forget way back then, despite all the struggles that I went through with life is to “Take Care of Myself ” mentally and physically.

Not knowing how to do it step by step, I started without knowing if there is such a beginning how to do it right.

Life is not easy as I went through the many stages of hardship and mental fogginess.

Whenever I was not at my best, I paused to rest and then rise up again because I don’t pity myself and drama I despise.

Little tiny move going forward to any circumstances I conquered with strong faith on my side.

As years passed me by, I keep pushing my limit because growing older and rotting is not on my calendar.

Three years to this day and now I am 45 years old the door of my evolution opened up in a very big way.

I met a man who I never thought will unlocked so many doors of my existence.

To this day… I remembered early in 2014 when I heard a wise old man voice told me “It is time”.

Whatever that message was I was ready by then anyway because I was truly tired of mental exhaustion.

I was hungry for an overall change.

Having Rebel in my life is such a gift from the universe because old layers of myself peeled slowly.

When my mind got cleared up from mental fogginess, I saw my path like a clean and clear empty field.

It was a sign of it is up to me now what to plant in my field of consciousness.

Then my way of thinking evolved and got deeper and soon enough my body started to transformed into a newer, stronger and liberated type of person (that once again I never imagined possible).

Getting older in number but not in body and mind is so delightfully delicious.

Eating good, healthier and nutritious foods become part of my daily living.

Having a daily nutritional supplement not just for body but also mind flatter me ROCKIT-LICIOUS.

Sharing and creating a more define lifestyle with plenty of smile, humorous and adoration is very captivating.

Being in a stronger, stable ground and foundation in life provides and stimulate me physically, mentally and spiritually.

The lesson with all these experiences became a ladder of self awareness.

I calmly allow it and see what it is all about just as if it is a new adventure in self discovery, for that is just what it is.








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